see?  i told you i’d think of things that make me happy.  and it only took a day or two!  now that’s  impressive.  i might be fertility-challenged, but i’m certainly not challenged in the forced-thinking-up-some-pleasantries-quick-before-we-all-drown-in-my-sorrows department, now am i?


thing 1:


fluffy pink blossoms against a bright blue sky on a walk in the park.




thing 2:


a coffee break in the middle of the day with my Huz.


thing 3:




bright yellow daffodils….heellllllooooo springtime!!


thing 4:


this video of christian the lion set to whitney houston’s i’ll always love you.  i cry every time i watch this.  i can feel the love between that lion and the men who set him free.  and  i remember belting out this song when i was much younger…certain i sounded just like whitney–not a chance!



thing 5:


okay, now i’m struggling a bit.  let me think…don’t pressure me; i’m sure i’ll come up with something…..