i would think it’d be fairly safe to call my maternal fetal medicine doctor’s office…safer, for instance, from insensitive, clueless people than at a run of the mill ob-gyn’s office, given that you only get into a MFM doc because you are high-risk for pregnancy (ie recurrent miscarriage, chromosomal issues, later-in-life pregnancy, blood clotting disorders, etc.)


i thought i was safe–so much so–that i dialed the number before securing (or even locating) my fertility mask (for more info on the mask, click here).  i walked right into the line of fire completely unprotected.  it went something like this:


me:  hi, i’d like to obtain a copy of my medical records.


her:  okay.  when did you have your baby?


me:  [feeling a piercing, stabbing pain jabbing through my sternum straight into my heart]  um, i didn’t have a baby.


her:  oh, okay.  you’re still pregnant.


me:  [feeling rage well up inside of me.  responding very forcefully.]  no.  i’m not pregnant!


her:  oh, okay.  i’m just asking because i need to know where to look for your file, blah, blah, blah–


me:  look, you stupid idiot moron insensitive annoying stupid head…..you work at a maternal fetal medicine doctor’s office.  your office exists for women who are fertility challenged!!!   don’t you think it would be wise to treat each patient with a little bit of sensitivity since you don’t know where they are in their individual hunts for their fertility?!  you can look for my file in the section reserved for women with three dead babies.  thank you.


okay, i didn’t really say that last part….and even what i wrote is a censored version of what i’d really liked to have said to her.  isn’t there someone in the medical world with a little bit of sensitivity for those of us who don’t have a pregnancy success story?