when i was in grad school, they’d plead with us to fill out evaluations on our courses which were to include “at least one good learning” (btw, now that i’m on the receiving end of these evaluations, i know how valuable even one positive comment can be amongst all the critiques!).


i recently traveled far and wide to meet with a group of women who’ve suffered pregnancy loss and i took away at least  one good learning, for sure.


that is, we–women who’ve lost our little ones, lost confidence in our bodies, lost the chance to nurse our babies, lost the honor of nurturing that little life–we need more opportunities to tell our stories…we need more opportunities to remember our babies and for our babies to be remembered by others.


we need safe places to honor, hold and speak of our sorrows.


so, when i’m ready, i’m going to start a group in my area for women like us.  and, to me, that inspiration alone was worth the cost of admission.