well, my naturopath–dr. naturo–prescribed for me the most expensive, non-insurance-covered vitamin i’ve ever bought or taken.  so expensive in the not-covered-by-the-insurance prescription world that my pharmacy actually questioned me to see if i still wanted to fill the script.


heck yeah, i want to fill that script!


i just about climbed over the counter to get them myself.  if 50 bucks a month is standing in the way of me and my ability to carry a baby to term, i’ll pay it!  hand those little blue pills over immediately or i’ll shoot!


i suppose i should back up…all this talk about a miracle vitamin probably has some of you skeptics out there thinking i’ve been suckered.  which in reality is entirely possible.


the thing is that in addition to being heterozygous for factor v leiden, i am also heterozygous for mthfr…lucky little ol’ mutated me!  for those of you who don’t know this lingo, factor v has to do with the clotty-ness of my blood…it’s potentially a little more willing to clot up than it should ideally be.  the mthfr mutation has to do with my body’s ability to absorb and make use of folic acid (which we all know is important when it comes to growing a baby).  neither of these conditions are clear-cut answers to the question of what’s going wrong with my reproductive system…but there are several theories and possible treatment options that may help in the hunt for my fertility.


treatment option 1: ignore them and just keep hoping a pregnancy will stick.  (i tried this already.  it didn’t stick.)

treatment option 2: ignore the mthfr mutation and just go for lovenox, which is a low molecular weight form of the blood thinner heparin (one shot bruise the size of a quarter in my stomach per day).

treatment option 3: scrap the bruises and go for the magic vitamin.

treatment option 4: take expensive blue pills (prescription strength methylated folic acid) and do the bruise routine upon conception.


drum roll, please!!!


my current treatment option: take expensive magic vitamin and skip the shots.




if i was homozygous (this means if i had two mutated copies of the gene) with the factor v maybe i’d be more into the shot option.  but i went down that bruised road a little ways…got myself a nice bruise and wracked up another miscarriage along the way.


no thanks.  for now i’ll take my pricey magic pills, which incidentally have “pal” printed on one side, and see what happens.