frankly, i miss the days when i didn’t even think of these things…but it’s true: ovulation times are difficult for me.  when there’s really only a 24 hour maximum opportunity to get pregnant each month, it’s hard to intentionally watch that 24 hour window come and go….



the egg



the urge to try becomes very strong…just to see…maybe this time the pregnancy would stick?  maybe my body is ready, strong enough, able to sustain a pregnancy?


but the reality is that we’ve tried this method a couple of times already with less than desirable results.  i know i need to give my body time to let the methylated folic acid have a chance to do its magic…and plus, we’re not ready yet.  i’m not ready.  at this point, the likelihood is that conception would be followed by miscarriage, which would be another painful setback on our journey.


and so, we let the egg go…with the hopes that a new, healthy little egg will follow in its path next time or the time after that or the time after that.