some posts need a little updating to fill you in…let’s see….


1. remember the post about the insensitive receptionist at my mfm doctor’s office?  well, it got even better…if you can believe it.

a few days after the phone call, i drove to the medical tower where my doctor’s office was located (at least it was located there back in january when i’d been there last).  i finally found a spot in the parking garage, raced up to the office suite and just when i rounded the corner i saw that the lights were off…boxes lining what used to be the waiting room.  i was thoroughly confused and baffled.  i thought maybe i was on the wrong floor of the tower…did i get off the elevator too early?  what on earth?  no, i was in the right place; i knew i was.  naturally, my phone didn’t get reception in the building….did i mention that by this time i was running late for my appointment with dr. naturo???  i raced out of the building and dialed the mfm doctor’s number.  the long and the short of it?  they moved.  sometime in the last three months they’d moved and didn’t notify at least one of their patients….me.  irritating.  thankfully, they faxed the records in time for my appointment (which i could have just requested in the first place and saved myself the irritation…lesson learned).


2. on “one good learning”.  i’ve been inspired by a comment made by a fellow blogger on this post.  she mentioned feeling jealous of cultures that have a place for weeping and wailing when someone dies.  this got me thinking…i’m going to create a place on this blog…a wailing wall of sorts…where women can come and remember their babies, tell their stories of loss and of hope…a place to stuff our fears and prayers and rantings and ravings into the cracks of a wall…to remember and to wail.  look for this addition very soon.


3. i mentioned in “the saddest irony” that my huz and i do very few things other than conception well together….i am happy to announce this is no longer true!!  last weekend we successfully hung blinds in our windows together with little to no arguing….fabulous!  i’m so proud of us.


4. in bittersweet i wrote of the precious cutie pie, little girl, who asked me if i had milk in my beep-beeps.  what i left out was her question that followed my response….she asked, “lilly, will you show me your beep-beeps?”  i said, “absolutely, i thought you’d never ask!” and ripped my shirt off in a flash.

okay, no i didn’t.  when she asked i thought i was going to crack up or choke on the lunch i was eating, but i contained myself and said, “you’re very interested in my beep-beeps today, aren’t you?”  she looked at me sweetly and made the cutest little “um hmm” noise that meant yes, she was very interested in my beep-beeps.  i thought i would melt from loving her so much in that moment…and i said, “well, really these are kind of boring right now…they’re just for show.  nothing going on in there right now”  and somehow we got onto another subject.  she’s the most delightfully precocious and lovely little 2 1/2 year old ever!


5. in “here’s what i’m thinking…”, i wrote that mother’s day was probably going to be difficult because my mom is dead and i’m not a mom.  gratefully, it wasn’t nearly as rough as i’d feared since i’d been grieving, remembering and honoring my feelings in the preceding days. 

but, to my surprise (and not the good kind of suprise), just this morning when i was working out, a staff member came up to me and said, “did you have a nice mother’s day?”  i was thinking, “okay, you can handle this question…be kind to this girl…she didn’t mean anything by it…do-not-be-mean-to-this-girl!”  but i had a bit of difficulty with my response, which came out before i had a chance to fully neuter it of all the ugly feelings i was feeling toward her for asking me such a question.  out popped, “it was fine.  i don’t have kids and my mom is dead, so it was nothing special.”  her face conveyed that she felt the punch i swung at her….and i felt like a jerk for treating her badly and for liking it.  i should have helped her out a bit and just said that mother’s day was fine or whatever…no need to go into details just to make her feel bad.  but in that moment i wanted her to hurt, too. 


6. according to my blog stats, someone actually clicked on a link to “be careful what movies you watch” after they googled “adult movie”…makes me wonder what they were thinking when they realized they’d stumbled onto a fertility blog rather than a porn site or something…funny.  i’m not picky–i’ll take my readers any way i can get ’em!


and now, my fellow hunters and friends, you are fully updated!