sometimes i think it’s a conspiracy…all these people secretly banded together against me, thinking up ways to shock and torment me.


you might think i’m being dramatic, but please consider reserving judgment until you hear what happened yesterday.  i was at a networking meeting, minding my own business (and learning about everyone else’s), chatting about this and that, what we do for a living (or wish we were making a living at doing) and all of  a sudden, out of the blue—and completely unrelated to anything in the conversation, before or after—this nice, older gentlemen turned to me and said: do you have children?


listen, he didn’t ask anyone else in the group….no one.  nada.  but he turned to me—me—of all people!  i do think it’s a conspiracy, but i’m extremely proud of myself and happy to report: i smiled sweetly (and for the most part i wasn’t even faking it) and said gently and calmly, “no, i don’t…not yet.”


i know, i know…my calm, kind, gentle and hopeful (“not yet”) response has you all applauding and cheering.


thanks for your encouragement!  and i still think it’s a conspiracy…