while washing my hair the other day i could feel that a strand was stuck to me.  when i looked at my hand to free myself from the renegade hair, i was surprised to see it was a very lengthy grey strand.  i mean, this hair had been with me for a long time.


my first thought was, “oh no!  my eggs are getting old!”


i don’t usually worry about greying; i most often feel the grey hair i have was hard earned…most of my noticeable (to me) grey came in after my mom died.  i definitely earned those.


somehow on that particular day my brain connected greying with aging eggs…reminding me that we don’t have forever to figure this fertility thing out.  this hunt is time-limited.  some days that reality is easier to bear than others. 


grey hairs be damned…now that i have that magic pal pill, i’m all good, right?