it all started when my friend made the worst decision ever—she’s moving to another state.


i’ll have you know, that’s the only reason i found myself in pier one this morning shopping for a decoration to replace the one that said friend will be removing from our office wall upon her leaving.


well, once i got going in pier one, time really got away from me…i’m sure you all know how that goes when shopping.  so, when my stomach started growling i knew that the ten minute drive home was going to require more of me than what would be humanly possible.


what’s a girl to do?  so, i remembered that great harvest bread co was within a three minute walk in the sun.  really, what would you have done in the same situation?  free huge sample of bread with butter or a miserable drive home with stomach pains?


i was off to great harvest.


before i even got through the door, i saw a sign that said “red, white and blueberry bread for sale”.  as soon as i read that sign i knew i’d be walking out with a loaf of blueberry bread for our camping weekend.  my “free” trip to great harvest for a snack was already developing into more—before i even opened the door!


opening the door was the next mistake i made.  the first thing i saw was the glass cabinet showing off the cinnamon rolls and cookies.  remember how starved i was?  the next thing i knew, an ultimate cookie found its way into my bag—with the blueberry bread, of course (gotta love anything to memorialize our little blueberry—especially this close to memorial day!).


now, mind you, i was not leaving that store without my free sample!  cinnamon crunch bread, here i come.  my eyes nearly popped out of my head with delight when i saw the hugely thick slice the woman cut for me…butter, please!


since i was starving to death, i scarfed it down in record time to save myself from certain demise.  i really believed that slice of buttered bread would hold me over a lot longer than the ten minutes it took me to remember that ultimate cookie that was in my bread bag.


okay, i thought.  i’ll just have that cookie and then i’ll save the bread for our trip.  yep.  that’s what i’ll do.  and please know this—i thoroughly enjoyed that cookie.


the rest of the day was going well.  really well.  i even took one of my nanny kids to tully’s for a shake and did not partake.  you read that right—i ordered a cup of water.  and liked it.


i was doing well, that is, until i nearly lost my mind.  i was looking for my colloidal silver (don’t ask) and couldn’t find it anywhere.  i know i just had it this morning.  i know i did.  up and down the steps, i went.  looking in every nook and cranny of this blasted home.  could. not. find. it. anywhere.


i became frustrated beyond belief.  i was about to do something drastic when my eyes fell upon………yep, you guessed it………the red, white and blueberry bread.  just then, i knew what had to be done.


i reached for my bread knife, plugged in my toaster and sliced the thickest slice of bread imaginable.  take that, forgetful brain!  i’ll show you, bad memory. 


and once that slice popped out of the toaster i slathered it with butter, sat down on my favorite seat and took a deep breath.  i’ll find that colloidal silver another day….for now, i’m just going to sit back, enjoy the deliciously un-nutritious bread, remember our blueberry and hope my friend decides to stay put.