i did it.  i turned off my blackberry while my friends and huz gathered around to witness the momentous occasion–one friend even has a picture to prove it.


so if you hear any allegations regarding a certain someone turning on her crackberry periodically throughout the weekend, here and there, once in a while, just for a second to see if anyone needed me her on email, messenger or otherwise, please know…….these allegations are completely false.


or, at least, unsubstantiated.


it was a fun weekend away for the most part.  what is not to love about three days without a shower, out in nature, enjoying the sunshine and loved ones?  besides the food, i mean.  oh man, did we have some fabulous camp meals…food network, watch out!


about five minutes ago, huz said it all in response to our feelings about heading back into our normal weekly routine tomorrow morning:

huz:  schweetie, it’s nice that we can go on a trip together and not wish that it was over by the end of it…..


see why i want to procreate with this guy?  he’s incredible.




don’t get me wrong.  we’ve had plenty of trips and weekends in our six years together where we couldn’t wait for a little space, but it sure does feel good to dread the inevitable geographical seperation that tomorrow will bring.  now that’s a memorial day weekend worth remembering.