in between meetings this afternoon, i stopped at one of my favorite fancy grocery stores to buy some goodies for lunch and relax a little bit.


after sampling all the free treats (i LOVE free samples–i am shameless about sampling at costco), i headed up to the mezzanine level to eat my little lunchie when i saw a handsome man talking on his cell phone at a table.  i didn’t really think much of him, except that he was easy on the eyes…i just made my way to the bathroom.


it was on my way back from the restroom that i witnessed the most adorable sight i could have imagined…said cutie patootie had a little girl of about 8 months lying on his lap, drinking a bottle with her legs in the air while he oo-ed and aaahhh-ed over her and she giggled in return.




i felt tears well up in my eyes wishing i could see my huz as a part of such a lovely scene one day.  not knowing where our hunting expedition will lead us really sucks sometimes.