i’m still sad our weekend excursion had to end…and i can’t believe another week is already done.  don’t get me wrong, i welcome the weekends, but it’s just a little crazy how time flies.


my huz and i LOVE to go to the beach for our vacations.  we always make a list of places we might want to go for our summer vacation (camping, of course!)…we start out with several different options, but no matter what we always end up back at the water’s edge. 


i love it so much, i thought i’d post a few pictures of various treasures from our latest beach excursion.



huz took this while chasing the sunset one evening…it’s so mysterious feeling to me.


the next day we took a long walk (not really a hike, per se, just a really long walk) to an adjacent park where we saw these cuties playing in the water:


water dog

beach puppy


watching the dogs, of course, rekindled my urge to have a puppy…because everyone knows if you can’t have a baby it helps to start collecting animals.  that makes everything better or at least keeps you busy vacuuming pet hair.


on our way back, we decided to walk along the beach—rocky beach, not sandy-squish-between-your-toes kind of beach.  this was not a peaceful, meandering kind of walk.  it was a keep your eyes on the rocks to figure out where to take your next step without twisting your ankle kind of walk. 


but i did find the coolest clam shell with a bunch of tiny clam shells inside (don’t quote me on this; i’m not so good with my shellfish–i tend to refer to all sea shells as clams):

baby clams

see why we love to camp at the beach? 


throughout the weekend i would periodically imagine what our trip might have been like if one of our pregnancies had stuck (today, it feels too sad to write “if one of our babies had lived,” except that i just did write it). 


it would have been a very different trip to take with a 7 month old blueberry, that’s for sure!  don’t know if i’m that adventurous, but i’d like to find out.  beanie would have been but a few months old, so i’m pretty sure we’d have passed on the camping this time around.  and, of course, whisper baby would still be growing inside of me at this point, so camping would have been interesting in a whole different way.


while i am one of those infertile women who tracks her cycle, etc, i am not one of those infertile women who thinks that having a baby will right every wrong in my life…make all my dreams come true and on and on.  but it sure would be a lot of fun somtimes—along with all the hard work, tears, poop and puke—even on a camping trip!