i nanny part-time for two kids…they are great girls and i usually have a lot of laughs when i’m with them—when they’re not on the tv or computer, that is.


today the 10 year old was playing a game on-line where she manages a tribe that does her bidding—i know, it’s a disturbing game…rather like a step backward in the civil rights arena…she even said to me, “it’s kind of like i’m their master and they do whatever i want them to do.”   oh my.


as disturbing as the whole idea of the game is…there was one very cute part that she wanted to show me (which was how i got into looking at the game in the first place).  she wanted to show me what happens when she decides that she wants more people in her tribe on the island.


this is what she told me:

her:  want to see what happens when i want them to have a baby?

me:  sure.  [thinking, oh boy.  what do we have here?]

her: see, you just take these to people and click over here.  see?

me:  oh, i see.  [i was thinking, what kind of game is this?]

her:  then they walk over to the hut over there.

me:  oh, uh huh.  but why are they walking all zig-zaggy?  [i was really perplexed by this.  why don’t they just walk in a  straight line?  that seems to be a programming design flaw if you ask me…especially when the man and woman are headed to the “hut”…seems to me, they’d be even more motivated to just get there instead of walking all crazy.]

her:  i don’t know.  i guess it’s because they’re avatars.  you know how avatars always walk zig-zaggy?

me:  oh, i see. [i have no idea about avatars and how they walk.  i’m still trying to figure out what an avatar is in the first place…much less how they walk.]

her:  see?  they just go in that hut and then we have to wait.

on the screen it said, “calling the stork”.  then a moment later, out walked the man, then the woman and finally the new baby.  yes, the baby walked out of the hut.  that was one magic hut, let me tell you. 


i was standing there thinking how much i wish it was a little something like that in real life.  at least in my real life.  i know some people decide they are going to have a baby and then they do…no problem.  i was kind of hoping that i’d have a story like that.  but i don’t.  there is no magic hut in my reality. 


and i figured out today that it’s because i haven’t called the stork.