the little ten year old who was the star of a previous post has struck again today! 


a few scenarios to bring you a smile:


first, on the way home from picking her up from day camp i was being silly and singing a teeny-bopper song as we were driving along (can’t even remember which one, but that’s not important is it?).  as soon as i took a breath, k said, “that’s not your real voice, is it?”


do let me tell you, i lied through my teeth in response.  without pause, i said “no, no, of course not.”  but of course it was and she knew it, too.  thankfully she let it drop.


next, k and i were sitting in the waiting room at her dentist’s office waiting for her name to be called.  naturally, we got to talking about teeth and suddenly she said, “you have beaver teeth.”


let me assure you, i do not have beaver teeth, no matter what she says.


and finally, the most tender and adorable thing she said today happened a bit later in the evening when we were making brownies together.  i sent k to the fridge to retrieve two eggs.  after distractedly milling around and several reminders, she brought the egg carton to the counter.  as she was cracking the eggs into the bowl she spontaneously said, “oooh, i feel sad that these eggs had to die when they could have been chickens.” 


i am not making this up.  and can you believe the irony of such a comment?  i’m convinced she’s reading this blog and i just love that girl.  i feel sad when eggs die, too.