more blood tests.  i swear, i don’t know how we’d do it without insurance.  i suppose we’d find a way, but i’m thankful for medical insurance.


last night i set the alarm to ring bright and early, but it turns out i didn’t  need to since i woke up about 900 times before it actually went off.  and, as usual, i was finally very sleepy just before it rang and then didn’t feel like getting out of bed.


i was finally lured awake by the promise of breakfast with  huz afterward.  i’ve been dreaming about these belgian waffles served at a nearby coffee shop.  i’ll have to take a picture and post it when i do get one, because they are gorgeous, absolutely divine-looking.  i hope they taste as good as they look.


so anyway, i got out of bed with that incentive, got dressed and we headed out the door.  i thought the clinic opened at 7a, so i was hoping to be first in line.  we found the building, marched inside and were immediately deflated upon reading the hours posted on the door.  not sure where i got the 7a idea, but they don’t actually open until 8:30.


ordinarily, we would have simply rearranged our plans—breakfast first, then blood draw.  which actually would have suited me quite nicely.  i was already starving and raring to go for those waffles.  unfortunately—and this is a big unfortunately—i was fasting.  not in the spiritual sense or the colon cleansing sense, but in the blood work sense.  no food after 8 o’clock last night. 


well, don’t you know, all i could think of from approximately 8:01p until 9 o’clock this morning was food.  give me food!  i’m starving.  i’m not going to make it!  i must eat!


i told huz that he wasn’t allowed to eat this morning if i couldn’t and he obliged me, but you should have heard him complaining as we were waiting for my name to be called…


huz:  oh man, my stomach is growling.  i’m so hungry.

me:  really?  i feel so sorry for you.  when was the last time you ate?

huz:  dinner time last night.

me:  well, i didn’t even eat dinner last night [did not think that one through in the moment, but it was all i could think about after i’d passed the deadline for ingesting food last night] and all i can have now is water.  imagine if you’re stomach was growling and you had to get stuck with a needle.

huz:  well, imagine if your stomach was growling and you had to sit next to someone whose stomach was growling who also had to get poked.  that’s much worse.


he can really make me laugh sometimes.  and for about 1 minute while we were having that silly conversation i forgot about my urge to gnaw my hand off.


anyway, the phlebotomist called my name and i went back to the blood-drawing room.  they really need to reconsider their decorating choices in those clinics.  on the way back there, i saw that she had a sheet of labels about a mile long that she was carrying…and they all had my name on them.


that’s when i said, “those are all for me?  you have to get that much blood?”


i started to sweat a little, which always reminds me how glad i am that i carry a stick of deodorant with me in my purse.  you never know when the ol’ glands will start working overtime.  i took a deep breath, asked her to use a butterfly needle (the smallest kind) and turned my head away.  she got my vein on the first try, but not without pain. 


she commenced the vial filling and switching and filling and switching, which didn’t really bother me once we got to talking about sonic drive in.  oh, the thought of those limeades can make me forget just about any pain i’m feeling, at least for a minute or two.


then before i knew it we were done.  she actually only took six vials and said she would just pour some of my blood into a couple of others to make it work.  i better not get a phone call telling me they didn’t get enough, that’s all i know.  but i guess it wouldn’t really matter since i need to go back tomorrow and monday morning anyway…may as well give another six vials while i’m at it!


and by the way, we didn’t get to have breakfast together after all…i had to get to work and we ran out of time.  so, i had no other option, but to head to starbucks.  tasty, but not the same as sonic or my belgian waffle fantasies.


p.s. i’d tell you what all the blood tests were for, but i really can’t remember.  i know one (the three day draw) is a pooled progesterone test.  the others have skipped my mind for the time being…but i will update this post if i think of them.