those darn duggers.  they are so odd to me.  20 of the most bizarre people…and counting.


so, i got wind through a commercial i saw that the newlyweds are “finally” pregnant.  well, you know where this is going.  i set the tivo to record it and this afternoon i sat down to watch it. 




(if you’ve never watched this show, i’m sorry if you’re confused, but i don’t want to explain all the characters…watch it at your own risk.)


the oldest son got married at the ripe ol’ age of 20 or maybe it was 21.  the bride had probably just turned 18.  they are very, very young…too young to get married, in my opinion, but then what do i know?


at one point during the show, anna (the newlywed) said, “i’ve just been so upset after all these months of trying to get pregnant that i couldn’t even bear to look at the results anymore.  i make josh look at them and tell me.”


my gosh, i just don’t know how little josh and anna made it through those devastating four months of trying to conceive (nevermind that statistics show there’s only a 25% chance of becoming pregnant in any given cycle–but don’t quote me on it).  somehow they got through and they even filmed the first visit to the doctor’s office.


needless to say, i’m a little annoyed (to put it lightly).  why did i even bother to put myself through watching that?  the show annoyed me well before the odd couple joined the cast and now i’m actually recording it to torture myself by following their pregnancy?


i’m through with the duggars.  enough is enough!