tomorrow morning i have to go in for my third needle poke in four days.  i’ve been thinking about it every so often today, bracing myself for it. 


as much as i’m dreading it, i must say i am looking forward to seeing the phlebotomist again.  N was funny and kind and made me feel as much at ease as possible, given the situation.  i like knowing that even though the poke will likely hurt and the memories of past pokes will come bubbling up to the surface yet again, at least i can count on having a laugh, too.


tomorrow is exciting for an altogether very different reason….tomorrow starts my two month stint caring for the infamous “beep-beep” girlie and her baby sister (who happens to be six weeks younger than our blueberry would have been, which will surely provoke much in me as i care for and love them both).  be sure to check back for more adorable stories from my favorite little two year old.