i could tell you a million and one adorable stories about my favorite little 2 year old ever, maddie,but today i’ll tell you my #1 most favorite story of all time—at least, so far. 


it happened yesterday when i went to get her up from her nap.  we were talking a little bit while she was still standing in her crib when suddenly she looked up at me and said in the most adorable two year old voice you can imagine, “you’re fun.”


i wasn’t expecting her to say something sweet in that moment, as we were just chatting and being silly.  i responded, “oh, thank you!  you’re fun, too.”


she then melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes when she said, again in the super-sweetest voice ever:


“we love each other!”


yes, we do.  it’s so true and in many ways, such an understatement.  maddie has played such an  integral part in my personal growth and development……caring for her is a privilege and always leaves me with a longing to mother a child and teaches me how to mother myself better.


oh, i know this is just the beginning of the many adorably touching maddie stories to come….she is just too stinking cute for words!