i never would have become a woman obsessed if it wasn’t for that damned ovulation predictor kit.  believe-you-me, i fully intended to obey dr. naturo’s orders to wait a while longer before ttc.  you may have even read about it here.  then you may have noticed my resolve waning a bit if you read this.  but all in all, i was feeling pretty confident that i would not try to do everything in my power to convince the huz-man that it was okay for us to start trying again this cycle.


somewhere along the way, i decided to ask my naturopath to do a few more blood draws, which you may have read about here the other day.  well, in order to do the pooled progesterone test, i needed to know when i was ovulating.  dr. naturo told me to use an ovulation test kit to predict it, which would then help me determine days 5-9 of my luteal phase this cycle.  then i was to go to the lab three out of those five days for a draw.


okay, i thought.  no problem.  anyway, i never really thought i’d get a positive on the lh kit because i never have in the past when we’ve used them.  truthfully, we’ve only used one kit; it never gave us a positive and we conceived that month anyway….so, i went into it this time expecting nothing from the sticks.  i thought i’d never see a positive and i’d just assume day 14 was ovulation day for me and start counting from there.


well, the first stupid stick gave me a smiley face after three minutes!  and there you have it peeps—that friggin’ smiley face triggered a deluge of biological clock longings more vast and devastatingly urgent than a tidal wave.


after i saw that damn smiley face, i begged and pleaded and cajoled and, finally, convinced huz that it would be okay to start trying this month even though dr. naturo told us otherwise.  to be fair to myself, huz wasn’t a tough sell.  he’s excited about potentially being a dad one day, too.  the waiting is hard on both of us.  sometimes we get a little over zealous in our hopefulness and lose track with reality.


we got the preliminary results on the majority of the tests back today.  i am meeting with dr. naturo on friday before i head over for my acupuncture appointment to discuss the results more fully.  but she told me that it looks like i’m deficient in vitamin b-6 (which my sister practically diagnosed already on her own—i’m telling you, sis, medical school is the route for you).  the pooled progesterone blood work showed my progesterone is low (i’d have thought the western medical doctors might have clued in on this one already, given all the previous blood work-ups i’ve had done, but i guess not).  and then there are the couple of test results that haven’t come back yet–i think my iron level is one for which we are waiting.


let me just say, it’s a very bizarre phenomenon for me to find myself desperately pleading and wishing and hoping that we were UNsuccessful in fertilizing an egg this month.  i know we should have listened.  i know we made a mistake and i’m begging for mercy on our souls….i will be greatly relieved to get my period next week.  please, please, please, not this month.  we need time to get my progesterone leveled out, figure out the b-6 deficiency, etc.  we need just a little more time.