this post was written by my huz for father’s day…i asked him a couple of months ago if he’d be willing to write a father’s day post and he agreed, however, as the day was approaching he said he was feeling nervous and wasn’t sure what to write.  i was hoping he’d write a bit more from his heart about what it’s like to not be a father on father’s day, but instead to have three miscarriages under our belts this year.  when i told him as much, he replied, “sweetie, i’m new to blogging.  i don’t know who’s reading this and i’m not sure i want to tell them those things.”

i can appreciate his viewpoint, so as you read his post below, you’ll need to read between the lines a bit and imagine a man who has a heart so full of love and desire that he even practice burps our cat to prepare for fatherhood.  enjoy.



For father’s day this year, I gave my dad a Best Buy gift certificate enclosed in an Indiana Jones theme-song musical card.  Indiana Jones was a pretty memorable part of my childhood and I remember watching the movies with my parents when I was young.  Even though the most recent Indiana Jones movie wasn’t nearly as good the earlier ones, I was still excited to see Harrison Ford on the front of the card and hear the theme song when I opened it.  Yeah, it’s a little on the cheesy side, I know, but I hoped that my dad would appreciate the thought.  Things between my dad and me aren’t always easy, however, I’m working on developing a better relationship with him.  One of the ways I’ve done that is by trying to share older memories together – things we used to do when I was young, places we went, etc.  My dad isn’t particularly good at remembering these kinds of things, or at least he doesn’t seem to talk about them easily, without a lot of prompting on my part.  But I think it’s good for us to remember together, especially, as I know I’m not always going to be able to have these conversations with him.

I like to think that my son or daughter would want to reminisce about old times with me when I’m older.  Of course, my wife and I don’t have any children, which is why my wife started this blog.  If we are fortunate enough to have children someday, I hope my son and/or daughter will give me a cheesy father’s day card with some type of trivia or movie nostalgia.  I’m not sure what kinds of things kids are into nowadays, but I hope I can tell them how much I enjoy that memory and then I’ll tell them about how I gave my father this Indiana Jones card.  Of course, they’ll probably look at me and say “Indiana what?!”

No bother.  Happy Father’s Day.