dr. naturo is great.  she’s smart, thorough and kind.  she doesn’t get mad when her patients go against her recommendations…like when she tells them to wait longer before trying again.  instead of getting mad, she says things like:


“this has been a very fertile month for many of my patients.  maybe it will prove to be so for you as well.”

“sometimes our bodies know better than our doctors.”

“don’t feel ashamed.  if you’re pregnant, we’ll figure it out and do whatever we can to make it work.”


have you ever heard of a doc who encourages her patient to trust the body’s intuition?


i haven’t before now…it sure makes going to the doctor a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience.  although she did give me a vitamin injection….wow.  that was really something, but more about that later…for now, i’m just grateful she is willing to support and work with me—even when i go against doctor’s orders!