…why i think i’m pregnant:


1. crabby.

2. headaches.

3. tired.

4. a bit crampy.

5. slightly sore-ish breasts (although if you are reading this and you know me, please don’t think about my breasts the next time you see me…that’d be awkward).

6. bloated.

7. i want to be.

8. that smiley face means i should be.

9. did i mention i’m crabby?

10. read #7 again.


….why i know i’m not pregnant:


1. the pee stick told me so.


i guess there’s always next month and the next and the next, ad infinitum….or something like that.  and it’s all good b/c that gives me time to get my progesterone up to snuff and such, but that’s like telling me i should pass on the ice cream b/c i’m trying to lose weight—it doesn’t take the desire away…