anyone who’s on this fertility hunt knows it’s one heck of a rollercoaster ride.  i hate rollercoasters.  i get motion sickness and crabby and tired and irritated just thinking about going to an amusement park.  yuck.


the good (or is it bad?) news is that to ride the fertility rollercoaster you don’t even need to leave your own home….but sometimes you may wish to leave your own skin….to be free from the ups and downs and loop-de-loops.


yes, you guessed it.  i’m back on the ride.  i must say i much enjoyed my six month hiatus…not ttc, fretting if we conceived, fretting that we’d miscarry, finding out we’d m/c’d, waiting to start bleeding, and waiting for my body to heal only to go through it once more…no, i did not miss any of that.


but here we are again.  back on the ride.  braving the loop-de-loops and all.  looks like there’s no baby this month and while i should be jumping up and down excited (what with the current poor prognosis and all), i must say i’m saddened.  naturally, i want to have the best possible environment for a baby to grow in, but i want it NOW!  i know y’all can relate.


so, i keep taking my supplements and hope my body uses this time to get more and more strengthened…and one day i hope i’m one of those lucky fertility hunters who gets to write a happy post about how i’m pregnant and all is well.  now, that’s the kind of ride i think i’d really like!