holy moly.  had an acupuncture appointment this evening…probably 30 needles in me…definitely more than 25.  i kept losing count (because i was so relaxed)…i couldn’t keep track. 


let’s just say it was a lot of needles.


i forgot my camera again.  i promise one of these times i will think of it before i’m lying on the table! 


speaking of lying on the table, while i was up there with my 30-ish needles i was feeling a mixture of hopefulness (maybe i’ll be one of the lucky ones who gets to post a-look-at-our-newborn-baby picture in the office–a success story) and hopelessness (i’m probably going to be one of those unlucky few).


i guess that’s just the thing: we don’t know.


there is no way of knowing the twists and turns of this journey ahead of time.  no advance notice given.  no gps system to guide us along the way.


each decision involves risk.  i just wish it required the kind of risk it takes to play the penny slots in vegas, rather than the level of risk it takes to sky dive without a parachute.