this morning cutie-pie-maddie and i made cupcakes together.  thisis such a fun milestone for us because when i met her she was just five months old…there was certainly no cupcake-making together back then.


it was very fun for me to watch her learning how to bake…to fill the cups with batter and to indulge her requests to taste the batter.  she LOVES the batter…she’s a smart cookie!


anyway, as we were eating the tasty treats fresh from the oven, maddie said,


“are you a mommy?”


i felt the familiar twinge or jolt or stab of pain and responded,


“no.  i’m not a mommy.”


i thought that would be the end of it, but i was wrong….


she replied (in her adorable almost-3-year-old english) with a furrowed brow,


“why are not you a mommy?”


I said, “well, i want to be a mommy.”


she said, “oh.”


and then i added, “but i’m just not a mommy, yet.”


then i asked her if she was a mommy.  she answered enthusiastically, “yes!  i’m monkey’s mommy!”


so precious.  and painful, too.