birthday (cup)cake

(huz got cupcakes–24!–for my birthday cake from my favorite cupcake bakery…….i only ate 7.  maybe 8.  i’m thinking it would have made more sense to get me 33—duh!)


today’s my 33rd birthday and i’m excited…….for the most part (i’m not going to talk about those less exciting parts right now, though).


i’m excited to go on vacation and celebrate both of our birthdays while we’re away (huz and i were born three days apart–of course, i’m older and wiser).


last weekend he surprised me with a smallish bbq with a couple of friends and that’s when he gave me my birthday present………………..drum roll please…………


i got a wii for my birthday!!!!


i’ve been wanting one for a long time, but of course we never wanted to part with the moolah–plus, i thought it would be just plain rude to buy one as a gift for my huz when it was really for me.  so i refrained.


and then he surprised me with one!  i shouldn’t have opened it…we should have taken it back b/c we’ve been a bit spendy lately.  but i ripped the packages open and we got down to playing right away!  my arms were killing me.  absolutely killing me.  i think they should limit the amount of time you’re able to play it when you first set it up…they should ease your body into it. 


i’m addicted!!


and we’re having fun playing it together.  he kicks my butt everytime (except at bowling), but who cares.  it’s still fun.  and after all those cupcakes i ate, i can really use the movement! 

so i say…………..happy birthday to me and to me a good day!!