i promised to post vacation pics and now i’m delivering!  (i only wish i were delivering more than pictures…..a life?  one day, perhaps.)


but first, a few pics from the lovely wedding we attended “on the way” to our vacation.  our friends planned a fabulous weekend celebration experience for their wedding guests………and we all had a blast.  imagine roughly 30 people—many of whom do not know each other—staying together in a lodge out in the mountains for three full days!!  our wedding and reception lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes from start to finish and i thought that was a bit too long…….they were brave to plan something so lengthy and elaborate…..and it was a lovely experience in the end!  we were honored to be a part of their celebration.


wedding cakes

our friends were a little bit crazy (i thought) for deciding to have their guests decorate their wedding cakes!!  they seperated us into four groups, armed us with frosting and candy decor and let us have at it.  (i snapped this photo before the contest began.)  for me, this was a highlight of the weekend…..i was proven way wrong—they weren’t crazy; they were brilliant!


reception beauty

i was having fun playing amateur volunteer photographer….i took this while waiting for the newlyweds to make their grand entrance to their reception.  i just love how it turned out.


a mother's love

and finally, my friend and her mom in a moment that represents more than i could ever put into words (although, i must confess—they recreated this moment b/c i wasn’t fast enough to catch them in a candid moment……..thanks for obliging me, friend!)


and now on to our vacation.

mountain beauty

what can i say about this?  i just love volcanic mountains…..so majestic.



i like this one of our shadows.


vacation feet

and this one of my vacation feet…….keens are the best for hiking/camping vacations!


………and the grand finale………



the color of the water is indescribably gorgeous…words simply will not do.


and tomorrow, my huz and i are back in our preverbial saddles……..i’m already missing him.