here’s the deal: if you are reading this and you don’t know me personally you may skip to the end of this post.

however, if you are reading this and you do know me personally, i.e. you are my sister, one of my dear friends from college, you are a friend and colleague, or a friend and colleague’s wife, or a current client (just kidding on the current client bit…i can’t even begin to explain to you how inappropriate it would be for me to advertise my blog to my clients…i just threw that in there for shock value!).  if so, please read the following options very carefully:

1. you may move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of your screen right now and click the little red box with the “x” to close the window and be none-the-wiser.  i would recommend this option for those of you who maybe let’s say have a difficult time keeping a secret….if confidentiality is not your thing, well, then own that about yourself and do us both a favor and close this window asap.  (as an aside, if confidentiality is not your thing and you’re one of my therapist colleagues, i’d like to say with all due respect: YOU ARE IN THE WRONG LINE OF WORK!  own it and move on.) 🙂

2. if you choose to continue reading because you feel you are adept at keeping confidential information confidential, you may continue reading this and all future posts with the understanding and agreement that you will keep what you’re about to read to yourself.  this means that you will not mention anything about me (ie information related to this blog) to anyone…not your spouse, your hairdresser, your pet snake, no one….not even in your dreams.  and not even to me—which actually goes beyond the usual bounds of confidentiality!  even though you know i already know what you’re about to read, you are hereby promising to behave as though you know nothing about what you will so obviously wish to let me know that you know about me.  this includes not leaving any comments on this blog.  i do not want to catch you even giving a hint of body language that would let me know you’ve been reading this blog.  that’s a pretty tall order.  if you aren’t up for the task, i understand…but if not, follow the instructions listed above and click the “x” in the upper right hand corner.

if you should decide to enter this agreement, i would like to inform you of the only instances in which you would be legally permitted to break our confidentiality agreement….

–if you have reason to believe i am a danger to myself and/or others.

–if you have been subpeonaed by the Court and ordered to release information about me.

–if you have a signed release of information from me stating you have my permission to share information about me.

i think that about covers it and i can tell you right now that none of the above circumstances will come to pass.

so……….if you are ready and willing to accept the limits of this confidentiality agreement, read on.

the results of my handy-dandy internet hpt’s are in: two pink lines.