what to do when sleep cannot be found?


get out of bed and watch trashy reality shows on tivo—-duh!


that’s a no brainer, really.  tori and dean to the rescue. 


it seems that once i wake up for my middle of the night pee (for which i am very grateful), i can’t fall back asleep for a couple of hours…i remember this from my previous pregnancies and as frustrated as i want to feel at 3 or 4 am when i’m desperately tired and unable to relax my mind enough to fall asleep, i refuse to complain or wish my sleeplessness away.


if this is the cost of being pregnant right now, i’ll pay it.  i’ll never sleep again.  i’ll nourish myself everytime i’m hungry, even though i’m afraid i’ll become 400 pounds.  i’m committed to doing everything i can do (which really isn’t much in early pregnancy), so that no matter the outcome, i have nothing to torture myself over by thinking, “what if…”.


so, here i am, writing a blog post at 4:59a.  i’m out of tivo programs.  i ate a small piece of chicken to ease the hunger pangs.  i’ve got to be ready to fall asleep again any minute.