i’m not even craving sugar these days.  now that is just plain crazy.  i don’t have an explanation—i’m just grateful for it and not asking questions.  i’m sure i’ll want to gorge on sweets soon enough…but i’m not going to wish these sugar-free(ish) days away!


although in the interest of full disclosure, i must say that i did eat a cupcake today, but only because there was a limit on how much you could charge at this little coffee and cupcake shop i went to this morning…well, with the iced tea i ordered i was under by 75 cents, so naturally i ordered a cupcake…and forced myself to eat it.


but, other than that, i’m mostly not eating much sugar these days…except there was that piece of ice cream cake i was forced to eat because we’d run out of room in the old freezer.  but, other than that…