first, thanks so much to each of you for your kind thoughts and wishes, especially as we embarked on our first trip (of what we hope to be many more) to our midwife.


(MEG., i smiled when i read your comment because i was trying to inspire you all to begin singing the wizard of oz theme song in my previous post…..thanks for playing along with me!)


so, here’s the deal….when you call to make an appointment and the receptionist uses the term consultation, you should take her seriously.  no matter how desperately you’re hoping for the word consultation to equal exam, i’m here to tell you………they are two separate things.


all of this to say, while the appointment was exciting and informative, it was not an exam…so there was no comforting, reassuring news to be had for me in terms of calming my fears about potential complications with my pregnancy, etc.


that aside, the birthing center is a warm and cozy space.  the midwife we met was kind, forthcoming and professional.  i am grateful to live in such a progressive city in terms of all the alternative options we have available to us…….i know that not every state is so welcoming of midwifery, homebirths, etc.  and not every family desires an out-of-hospital birth, but since my huz and i do, it’s nice we live in a place where it is a possibility.


not that we’re planning for a home birth.  my huz and i tend a little too much toward anxiety to be calm and relaxed and safe-feeling enough to embark on such an endeavor.  i most surely wish i were a more laid back, relaxed individual (for a million different reasons), but i’ve come to terms with the fact that i’m not.  i’m me and i need to take good care of what i need by first accepting what i am and am not capable of at this point….home birthing is out of my league right now.  but i love that it’s an option….a possibility that many women have chosen. 


here are some of the things i learned in our consultation last night that i’m most excited about:


  • they routinely practice delayed cord clamping
  • my huz is welcome to catch our baby if he’d like to
  • they don’t announce the sex of the baby; we are free to discover this together as a family (i’m still undecided as to whether i want to find out the gender through ultrasound…i go back and forth.  my huz wants to know…maybe he could know and i could not know.  stop laughing at me, those of you who know me in real life and know that would NEVER work for me!)
  • we are welcome to bathe our baby after delivery if we’d like to
  • the tests and shots and things that are routinely administered after birth in the hospital are only performed by our choosing
  • water birth is an option
  • the center offers classes on baby wearing (slings, etc.), hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, etc.


i know there’s more, but i can’t think of it right now.  i just liked her a lot.  i hope we like her colleagues equally as much, since we’ll be working with a team of three…any one of whom will be on call when we get to the point of delivery (here is where i cross myself even though i’m not catholic and hope desperately that we get to the point of delivering a healthy, living baby).


we also had to make what the midwife referred to as our first parenting decision last night…well, we didn’t have to make it last night, but we did need to make it soon and we both agreed pretty readily on what we wanted to do.  if we’d like to do the combined screening for down’s syndrome and neural tube defects, we need to do it fairly soon, as in next week or so.  this involves a blood draw (of which we all know i’m so fond) and an ultrasound (and i am fond of these—at least, i was after the last one!).  we’ve decided to go ahead with the screening.  it won’t provide any definitive answers, in the sense that if the results come back positive it doesn’t necessarily mean we will have a child with down’s or spina bifida.  it does mean, however, that we’d most likely go on to having the amnio to find out more definitively.


on one hand, it could very well cause us much ado about nothing….say, if we get a positive screening and it turns out all is well.  on the other hand, we get another look at the baby to see, hopefully, that s/he is developing normally, etc.


well, you know i’m a sucker for another look at this little one.  there’s no way i’m going to wait if i don’t have to.  i do need to check with my insurance to see that they cover this screening.  if not, i suppose it would depend on cost, etc.


so, now you are fully in the know.  this is where we are in a nutshell: 10w2d, planning to go ahead with midwives and birthing center option with my first real appointment/exam to be scheduled soon (as in a week or two), and potentially will be doing the combined screening in the next week or two.


i need a rest just thinking about everything we’re going to be doing in the next couple of weeks!