well, i thought the u/s at 6w2d was amazing…and it was.

but today’s was something beyond words.  and a much, much, much better experience than working with the previous technician and clinic.  for that i am grateful.

our baby bear (we are the bear family, after all—huzzy bear, schweetie bear…) is measuring big…giving us a new, earlier due date!  i thought i was 12w0d today; turns out i’m actually measuring 13w3d today…..i leapt right into the beginning of my second trimester and didn’t even know it!

the tech reported that all the measurements were looking great and we scheduled our next scan for early november.  i can’t believe we get to see our little bear again (we hope)!

and now, for the first time ever, we get to have u/s pics on our refrigerater….i wish this experience, plus more, on you all!!!!!!

and i’m sad that it’s not a given for any of us, including me even as i’m in the beginning of my second trimester…i’m sad that life is so uncertain and fragile and sometimes exceedingly painful.

and i’m thankful that some days are fabulous days–no matter the outcome…nothing can take today’s memory away, not even death.