so, last night i woke up at 3a again.  i gave up trying to fall asleep and instead went downstairs to catch up with my good friend tivo.


i managed to get through an oprah, a project runway and a flipping out all the while fighting against the onset of the extreme nausea i was feeling.  i haven’t felt nauseous for days now, so this came as quite an unwelcomed surprise.


at first i thought it was because i was hungry.  so i ate a yogurt.


nope, that only made it worse.  by an hour or so later i was in distress and trying to distract myself with my favorite shows.


then i remembered that mint is said to settle an upset stomach, so i broke out my altoids and ate one.


it went down okay.


until it didn’t.


suddenly i was overcome by the urge to vomit.  i ran to the bathroom, held my hair back and braced myself.


of course, i knew throwing up was inevitable by this point, but what i wasn’t prepared for was the v-force….i was horrified when i was vomitting to feel myself peeing from the force of the heaving! 


the good news?


altoids can actually freshen your breath in reverse, too.


now, i know this is all too much information, but so be it.  i know i’m not the only person in the world who shot out pee while vomitting.  and i’m not afraid to admit it either.