today a couple i know gave us a boatload of baby items…for free!


here’s a sample of what we received:


  • stroller that will fit the infant car seat we’ve been planning on buying
  • hooter hider
  • boppy
  • breast friend (nursing pillow similar to the boppy)
  • baby bath
  • newborn head rest/support insert thingy
  • bumbo seat
  • plus some maternity clothes!


each of these actually look like new b/c this family keeps everything in such great condition.  for instance, the husband took apart the stroller and cleaned it from top to bottom twice in the 2 years they were using it.  there’s not a speck of crumbs or baby gunk or anything on it and that makes me so happy.  they saved us a lot of moolah.




that makes me happy, too.