…if not risky.

today, my huz and i started our day at a local coffee shop reading a financial book together…one of his favorite pastimes.  (i could do without, but he likes to think about our finances so i try to indulge him from time to time.)

anyway, we were on our way from there to the grocery store when my huz looked to the right and said, “i’ve always wondered where that road leads.  one day i’d like to drive along there to see.”  i said, “why not today?”  and we were off on a mini adventure that led us to one of the coolest places.

that’s when i started dreaming about taking our children there one day…to the sandy shores with great pieces of driftwood perfect for climbing and hiding…to the pier to watch the fisherwomen and men…to the play structure for hours of fun.

i was walking around, checking out the scenery and trying to figure out which islands i was looking at across the bay…thinking all the while that i’m so glad we live in such a beautiful and surprising place…we had no idea this park existed less than five miles from our house until we took our spontaneous little adventure today.

i wish all roads led to beauty.