i’m 19wks today.  our next scan is scheduled for friday in the late afternoon….and let me tell you, i am counting down the minutes until then.


will it be a boy or a girl?!?  this question makes me feel so excited, which is kind of funny b/c i began this pregnancy thinking i wouldn’t want to know until it’s born.  ha!  i never would have made it.  never.


i’m also afraid about friday’s scan.  afraid there will be bad news.  i actually know of several stories of friends or friends of friends who’ve lost their babies at 19wks….just make it through 19wks, make it through, make it through…


i’m grateful my huz will be there with me and also a dear friend…i’m so looking forward to sharing this experience with our friend (as long as it’s good news!). 🙂


so, here i am…three days, 6 1/2 hours until our appt.  i’ll keep you all posted as to the results!  (by the way, i’m thinking boy.)