yesterday the huz and i went off to our first hypnobirthing class…very exciting!  sure, i was by far the earliest in my pregnancy compared to the other women there, but we purposely wanted to get started early–i want as much practice at relaxation and meditation as possible to give me the best shot at a naturally pain-reduced labor and delivery as possible.


so far i’m really enjoying the relaxation exercises.  i know this will come as a big surprise, but i’m naturally an anxious person…i’m definitly not naturally relaxed, that’s for sure!  but i really get into visualizing soft thoughts in my brain and calm, peaceful rain falling all around me.


another thing i really get into is watching birthing videos.  in class yesterday we got to watch multiple woman birth their babies using the hypnobirthing techniques.  it was amazing to see the women calmly, yet intensely, allowing their bodies to push their babies out rather than forcing and straining and fighting and bursting blood vessels in their faces from all the pushing, pushing, pushing.


it was more like watching an animal birth their babies–no drama, just intense focus coupled with a belief in the body’s ability to do the birthing.


and another thing that excites me is this:



let me tell you, if an orgasmic birth is possible i’m making that my goal!  i just got word from the library that a copy of the dvd is waiting on hold for me.  i’ll give a movie review after viewing….sounds too good to be true, but i’m sure open to an orgasmic birthing experience if at all possible for me!


my huz, on the other hand is a little nervous about such talk….yesterday as we were walking into the building where our hypnobirthing class was to be held he stopped and said nervously, “they aren’t going to be talking about orgasmic birthing today, are they?  that’s not what this class is about, is it?  if it is, i’m not ready for that.” 




i’ll keep you all posted on whether the movie’s a must see or not.  here’s to happy birthing for all!