i’m finally writing a new post………please do forgive my silence.  a few days after we arrived home from our fabulous vacation, i came down with a nasty cold which i am still fighting at the moment.  (awesome home remedy: eating raw garlic cloves—eat two of those babies and your nasal congestion will be all but eradicated for a few hours!  thanks t.)

now that i’m back, i’d like to fill you all in on some highlights and lowlights of the past few weeks:

highlight:our trip to maui was awesome.  even with the in-laws.  pretty amazing and i know my mom would never have believed i’d say such a kind thing about my in-laws a few years ago…i guess time changes things sometimes.  that being said, i’m not volunteering to take another trip with them anytime soon—they are still the in-laws; let’s not get crazy.  maui was a wonderful place to be…so calming and warm and lovely….i’m all but obsessed with returning next year with our little baby bear.

lowlight: due to flying and the 60+ degree temp change, i was incredibly swollen and uncomfortable in the hand, foot, leg and ankle regions.  oh my.  thanks to a phone call to my sister, i was equipped with ways to soothe my aching lower half.  the huz expressed concern that i might not be able to wear my rings for the rest of the pregnancy–something i was fearing myself–but alas, a day or so after returning home my body returned to its usual non-puffy/swollen limbed self.  rings are generally not a problem again.  flying was very rough on me and i have no wish to do so again during this pregnancy—even if i won a free trip to maui.  that’s how uncomfortable my body was.

highlight:  a long-awaited, dream-come-true moment happened right there on luscious kaanapali beach.  there i was sporting my adorable bathing suit (tip–forget the icky maternity suits.  buy a regular suit you like in a few sizes up from your pre-pregnancy weight.  i was so so so glad i did) and watching my huz snorkel around (i was too tired and the waves were too big for me to comfortably join him that time).  i was also watching a man play with his son in the water and on the beach.  that kid was fearless.  all of a sudden this happened:

man:  how far along are you?

me: oh!  i feel like i’ve been waiting forever for someone to ask me that.  i thought sure that by now i was looking pregnant, but so far no one’s asked me until now.  thank you!  oh, i’m 5 1/2 months or so.  (i was so happy, i almost forgot to answer the actual question.)

huz: (he was popped up from snorkeling and happened to catch the man’s question to me)  you just made her day.  you have no idea.

i was so so so happy.  to this day, he remains the only person to ask me of his own accord with out a tip off from me or the huz first alluding to our little baby bundle.

lowlight:  i’m sick.  with a nasty cold that really has me knocked down.  last night when i couldn’t breathe and therefore couldn’t sleep i thought i might go crazy.  i was considering drastic measures in the attempt to help myself breathe so i could sleep.  for the record, even as sick as i feel i didn’t follow thru on my plans to shove a hanger up my nose.  even in this state i could see that the risks far exceed the benefits.  but there was a moment, however brief, that the idea sounded quite appealing.  sleep deprivation can make you think/do crazy things.

highlight:  a visit to the midwife last week revealed i’m measuring 26 1/2 weeks.   to which she responded, “perfect.”  that made me happy…almost as happy as hearing her lovely little heartbeat and seeing the huz’s face light up in hearing it, too.

lowlight: we have to wait another month to hear it again.

highlight: she’s bopping around inside of me quite regularly.  it’s exciting to feel her, but sometimes it’s a little surprising or unsettling, too.  like when i’m in a meeting and all of a sudden she gets a real burst of strength and kicks significantly harder than usual.  i can’t exactly blurt out, “OH!  hi baby!”  but it does feel that surprising to me sometimes and for those who know me, you know it’s difficult for me to hold a response in!  i’m doing my best when necessary. 🙂

i suppose that about covers it for now.  these days i’m mostly on the couch or eating raw garlic or blowing my nose or using the netti pot or struggling through grading a paper or two–i simply must get them done, but how with this foggy mind?!

i hope you are all well and i’m slowly but surely catching up on my blog reading….i’ll be back to commenting again soon, i promise!