i’m in the throws of contemplating whether or not to do the glucose tolerance test.  i have the juice and the directions on what to do prior to my next appt, should i decide to do the test.  but i can’t decide.  i just keep going back and forth. 

presently, i’m thinking this: i will take the test simply because if i don’t take the test and i go into pre-term labor, i will blame myself for not taking the test.  quite frankly, i don’t need one more thing to guilt myself about in this life….so the more i can cut back on providing myself the opportunity to do just that, the better.

but i can guarantee you that tomorrow i will have another idea about what i should do regarding that stupid test…thank you midwives for giving me the choice…that really uncomplicates my life; i’m so grateful…i’m being sarcastic to a point…most of the time i truly am grateful for the freedom they give me to make this pregnancy my own and to be in charge of what happens to my body.

either way, i will have to get poked at my next check.  i’m not looking forward to another blood draw, although i must say i’ve only been poked one other time so far during this pregnancy, which is less than i have been in any given six month stretch for a while now.  this is something to be grateful for, let me assure you!  anyway, they are going to test my vitamin d levels, as my naturopath let me know there is some research to suggest (this does not mean there is an absolute direct correlation) that vitamin d deficiancy in pregnancy may be linked to autism.  i don’t care whether or not this is true, i don’t want to take any chances and i was already low in vitamin d prior to this pregnancy, so to me it’s worth getting stuck with a needle for that.

all in all, i’m 27wks1d and happy for it.  i can’t believe how quickly time is flying.  and every little kick is like a dream come true…except the kicks to the cervix….now that is just downright uncomfortable!