…when she’s dancin’ on my cervix…


yesterday, this little baby bear spent more time using my cervix as a trampoline than anything…and let me say, her little legs are getting stronger, because what used to feel like a sweetly odd little twitch now feels like a giant jab to my tender lady parts. 

i tried different positions to coax her into moving.

the huz tried talking to her, asking her to follow his voice and come up to higher ground.

alas, nothing helped yesterday’s position situation.

EXCEPT—a good, long night’s sleep.  when i awoke this morning this sweet little bear was dancing side to side once more.  what a relief!

in other baby-related news…yesterday, i could see my baby belly moving from our baby’s movements!  and again today!  i could sit and stare at my stomach all day long it seems.  sometimes i feel a little freaked out by it…but most of the time it’s exciting.  and either way, i can’t stop staring.

another exciting piece of news hot off the press….today at a coffee shop, the barista asked me out of the blue, “so, when are you due?”  i am so unaccustomed to hearing this question (although i’ve longed to for many, many months now) that i didn’t realize she was talking to me and i couldn’t compute what she was saying at first.  after an awkward pause, i stuttered a response: “oh, fun!  you’re only the second person to ask me that!  i’m due….”

so, that’s all i know for now.  this little baby bear is kicking away……..and i feel so happy to be at the start of my third trimester………..how crazy is that?!