hard to believe it’s january 17th again.  on this day, 7 years ago i met my huz at the deeply romantic and posh local ar.by’s!  it’s a long story, but suffice it to say neither of us were there thinking we’d meet our (not too distant) future spouse that evening.  my huz was there, however, to meet up with another woman he’d had his eye on; he was actually hoping to strike up a romantic relationship with her.

alas, six weeks later he asked me out and six months later we were married.  it’s been an often bumpy road (i don’t really recommend short dating/engagement periods), but we’ve made it through these seven years becoming better people than we were when we began this journey—for the most part anyway.

we are also more battered and bruised.  

so, each year on this day ever since the very first time we met we head over to our local ar.by’s for dinner and remember together the day we met and the years we’ve shared since—the highs and the lows. i can even remember what i was wearing that day (it was a truly hideous outfit—i was really not concerned with picking up a man that night!) and have worn that very outfit a couple of years ago on this anniversary—not an option this year! 🙂

i know it sounds like a larger-than-life fairy tale romance….meeting at a fast food restaurant and all…but we really are just two normal people, soon to be three!  🙂