i received my results from my blood work re: the glucose screen and iron and vit d levels.  my blood glucose levels tested normal, for which i’m very happy (and happy i decided to take the test after all…i have nothing to regret with this decision).

my iron levels made their normal late pregnancy dip, as expected, but nothing to be alarmed about.  this does, however, explain my limited energy and brain power, not to mention my intense steak cravings. 🙂

the not so good part is that my vit d levels are low.  even though i’ve been supplementing for months now.  so, i need to double my supplementation and hope that helps.  i’m bummed that they are low and hoping this does not cause any problems for my little bear. 

over all, i’m so so so grateful that this is the only matter of concern for me in this pregnancy…..that’s is pretty awesome really, considering where we’ve come from along the way.  so, right now i feel mostly grateful and a tiny bit frightened.  better than the reverse, i’d say!