oh my goodness.

we haven’t even had our shower yet and already we received the absolutely weirdest baby shower gift ever.  let me begin by saying, my huz and i had both been hoping either my dad or his parents would give us a crib.  now, i know this is a big gift to receive, but we had our hopes up nonetheless. 

then the other day, my huz talked to his parents on the phone and his mom told him this:

“i am sending you and lilly something for your shower that’s not for the baby, but is for the two of you because, trust me, you’re going to need it once the baby comes.”

when my huz told me about this, i thought, “wow, i wonder if it’s a gift cert for a nice restaurant or maybe a weekend getaway for future use…”  again, you could say i had high hopes.  very high hopes.

when i got home from work today, my huz told me we got a package from his parents.  of course, i shot right out of my seat and raced over to open it.  and what did they send?

maybe i should give you a moment to make some guesses.  let’s see, they live in a million dollar home, drive luxury cars, have been retired for most of my huz’s life…you get the picture.  what do you think they might have sent for our first baby after multiple miscarriages?

a board game.

i’m not kidding.  i laughed my ass off.  that’s the funniest, most ridiculous gift ever.  oh—and let’s not forget the calendar they sent along as well—the one we already have because it was given to each of us free from the resort we stayed at on maui!  oh my goodness.  i was dying.  so much for our crib dreams…at least from my in-laws. 

but you know what?  i am amazed by the way people have come through for us and been with us in ways we’d never imagined possible.  and that is a gift.