oh my gosh.  i must tell you all what happened to me yesterday….and i promise never to do it again!  i learned my lesson.

yesterday, at our first annual anti-superbowl party, we decided to watch the bour.ne trilogy.  now, i’ve always remembered this trilogy fondly.  i can’t think of a mat.tdam.on movie i don’t like.  and i especially like these.  so, you can imagine my surprise when we got about ten minutes into the first film and i realized i’d never seen it.

how can that be?

but it’s true.  yesterday was the first time i’d seen the first movie and let me tell you…………the other two make so much more sense now that i’ve seen it.  i have no idea how this little detail escaped me all these years, but i was just as surprised as my fellow party-ers (there were a whopping three of us total) to learn i’d never seen it before.

but this has nothing or very little to do with what i re-learned yesterday.

the thing is, now i know first-hand why i’ve always been told not to stick anything down into a blender while it’s running.  and let me tell you, i almost peed my pants right in the middle of this heart-stopping and hilarious teachable moment.

it all started when we were discussing the various snacks and goodies we wanted to have throughout the day…naturally, we had pizza, barbecued meatballs, chips and guacamole, and homemade or.eo-espresso shakes, among other treats available.  we never did make it to the guacamole…

we did however make it to the shakes.  and this is where things got a little dicey and very hysterical.  first, i made our friend’s shake (recipe follows).  yum, it was delicious.  then i started in on making another for my huz.  but for some reason when i turned the blender on to blend (which is the whole reason you use one of those darn things), it wasn’t working.  i mean, the motor was running, but the ice cream and cookies and everything weren’t blending. 

this is when i decided to turn the blender off to poke around down there and see if i could get things moving.  so, i wiggled my spoon around, mixed things up a bit, replaced the lid and turned it back on.

nothing.  nada. no blending.

well, i thought, i’ll just remove the lid while it’s running and gently nudge the goodies into action.  and i did just that.  successfully, sort of.  but things still weren’t moving along like i had hoped, so i put my spoon down there for another try.

and, let me just say…………..did things ever get moving!

wham!!  my spoon hit the spinning blades sending copious amounts of ice cream, cookies and espresso flying directly up into my face.  luckily i was wearing my glasses so my eyes were protected, but that didn’t stop a large chunk of ice cream from landing on my eyebrow and then sliding down the inside of my glasses.  it was in my hair, on my sweatshirt (which used to be my mom’s sweatshirt, but i didn’t panic even though coffee STAINS! and she’s dead and there are no more of her sweatshirts to inherit!), all over the floor and counter, inside the cupboard (because i’d had the cupboard door open to easily access drinking glasses), and last, but not least, on the ceiling!

i immediately started screaming and cracking up while trying to replace the lid and turn it off.  my huz came running over yelling, “are you okay?  are you okay?!”  but i was too busy laughing and trying not to pee to respond.  and by then, he was already too scared to calm down and realize that i was okay and just laughing.  our friend saw the entertainment factor in it though, so that was nice.  and eventually, the huz came around when his adrenaline stopped pumping.

but boy did we have one hell of a mess to clean up.  holy crap.  ice cream even soaked through to my bra.  it was everywhere.  everywhere.

and even when i thought i got it all, i’d find another place i hadn’t noticed before….like under the bridge of my glasses, for instance.  and along the side of my face.  and on and on and on. 

so, if you’re up for making some lasting memories and you’d like to try a delicious shake at home, here’s the recipe………and by the way, NEVER put anything into the blender while it’s running!

or.eo-espresso ice cream shake

lots of coffee flavored ice cream—don’t be skimpy; this is not the time to worry about your waistline.

a dash of milk, cream or half and half–you can just use more espresso if you don’t want to use any of these…makes no difference, really.

a bit more than a dash of espresso (or dark coffee if you don’t have espresso)–use the coffee as the primary source of liquid for best results.

or.eos–if you want the coffee-chocolate taste.  I use about 4 per batch in the blender, which usually makes 1 and 1/2 servings at a time.

blend all ingredients with the lid on and all implements removed from the blender until smooth and creamy.  pour into glasses and enjoy!