on valentine’s day we were showered with love by our friends (and family—from afar).  my huz and i chose the date—valentine’s day/president’s day weekend, even though it’s perhaps a bit unconventional, because of all that each of those days has held for us in the past…particularily what they have meant for me.

four years ago on president’s day we were at my mom’s funeral.  the following day was valentine’s and we were at the cemetary burying her ashes.  two years ago, we discovered on president’s day that i was pregnant for the first time…sadly that pregnancy did not last long and we were soon facing a devastating loss.

clearly, we needed something to celebrate!

so, our friends gathered around and created a really special evening for us.  men were invited; baby games were not.  it was perfect.  the party planners arranged to have all of our favorite foods at the shower……..pastries from my hometown in the midwest; plenty of beer for my huz; freshly baked cookies sent by my sister; a couple of my mom’s recipes prepared by friends; special drinks that are only available in california sent by relatives especially for the party…and, of course, a multitude of yummy cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery!

our friends thought of every detail and i was, at one point, overwhelmed by how much they love us and know of us…i look forward to sharing our baby bear with them all!!!!!

i was planning to include pics of some of my favorite gifts, but as it’s nearly been two weeks and i still haven’t published this post since i’ve been waiting to take and post those pictures, i’m giving up on the picture part for now.   rest assured, it was a night to remember with so many thoughtful and adorable little gifts!