guess what?  our baby’s not here yet and already i’m so aware of a major transition in thinking/living………

no more can i buy or do or pay large amounts of money on things that aren’t necessities…not if i’d like to stay home as long as possible with our little munchkin (although i did make an impulse buy a couple of weeks ago when i was mad at my huz…i think that was a “one last hurrah-type moment”).

this feels especially raw for me today since i accidentally dropped my kin.dle about three feet to the floor and damaged the screen….total bummer.  absolute sadness.  would love to simply buy a new one or even be able to afford a new screen to replace the damaged one, but guess what? 

we are parents now…no more just working an overnight to pay for the new one…no more scraping together odds and ends of cash here and there to justify the replacement…i’m a bona fide grown up now…must wait for luxuries…must wait even longer than i’m used to waiting.  i guess this grown-up-ness is partially why my mom wore the same clothes for many, many years while we had new ones…babies first.

but, hell, i waited a long time to be almost 38 weeks pregnant, so i suppose i can wait a while for my kindle repair or replacement.  in the meantime, i can just guess what the words are in that part of the page……….it might even be a fun game.  okay, probably not.

and may i say………if you have a kin.dle, .don’t drop it even while it’s tucked safely inside its case and only falls a short distance…even if you’re 37.5 weeks pregnant and you drop everything these days….don’t.drop.your.kin.dle.