i’ve known for a few weeks now that my huz had a special surprise adventure up his sleeve for today.  and that’s about all i knew.  i tried really hard not to pester him too much b/c i knew that if i got his anxiety going i could probably get him to spill the beans just to calm himself, but then i’d end up disappointed b/c there’d be no surprise.

this says a lot about my desire to be surprised b/c i’m terrible about snooping and putting 2 and 2 together to figure out what’s going on…but i did spectacularly and i must say it was worth it!

first, i woke my huz up an hour and a half earlier than we’d planned to get up…i was excited, of course, and couldn’t sleep!  why should i have to lie there by myself while he blissfully snored away?!  we should be together in the agony of excitement induced insomnia.

luckily he’s a good sport…so when i woke him by saying, “huz, i can’t sleep—tell me a story,” he actually tried in all his sleepy haze to come up with some sort of story to tell me!  hilarious.  woken out of a deep sleep and he’s still kind.  i would have been barking at him for sure if the tables were turned. 🙂

anyway, our first stop was a new-to-us coffee shop that serves gourmet sandwiches and gelato…yum!  oh, and coffee too.  we played our favorite board game together (which was not the game his parents so benevolently bestowed upon us for our shower gift—we gave that away!)…we love to play sequence and often say our mutual enjoyment of it saved our marriage in our first year.  it was one of very few things we could do without bickering or crying or stomping out of a room to get away from each other!  so we ate and drank and played—my huz beat me twice and i said, “enough!  this is supposed to be my day!”

not really…in truth i gave him a high five and called him a rat bastard.  then we laughed and headed to a waterfront park…gotta love where we live…water, mountain views, the smell of the sea.  love it love it love it.

we walked a short distance and sat down at a table to watch the water, scuba divers, birds and so on.  then my huz gave me the most perfect card ever…and a pair of gorgeous, long-hoped-for princess cut diamond earrings that match my wedding ring perfectly (as far as i’m concerned!).  love them love them love them.

can’t walk past my reflection without checking them out.  so sparkly and so special.  he’s been saving for months and months and months–almost ever since we found out i was pregnant and definitely ever since it became pretty clear she was going to be with us for the long haul) to be able to get me something like this.  i was pretty sure he’d picked the earrings, but secretly feared he’d go out on a limb and pick something we hadn’t talked about before.  i was very happy (and relieved) with his choice!

i was surprised he gave me my present so early in the day…i wasn’t fully sure if he was going to give me the special gift today or not, but i certainly thought he’d at least make me wait until the end of the day.  so fun!  when i asked him why he decided to do it early in the day he said, “i knew that you love them right away and want to spend the whole day looking at them and talking about them and on and on and on…” 

it’s so good to feel known.

next, i was off to my regularly scheduled prenatal yoga…didn’t want to miss it—even for a special day.

after class, we had a picnic in the warm sunshine (i’m sure i got a tan today—almost 70* and bright blue skies!)…we relaxed in the sunshine and searched the sky for eagles…shortly after returning home we turned around and left for dinner, which incidentally was back on the waterfront.  the most delicious dinner ever and i’ve found my new favorite restaurant…love love loved it!

and now i’m lounging on the couch, drinking in the memories of our day…….nothing was especially spectacular or over the top, but everything was incredibly thoughtful and full of meaning for us.

i asked my huz why he decided to give me a “birthing our first baby gift” before i’d actually birthed her, he said, “i just really wanted it to be a special moment that we could enjoy together rather than have it be all twisted up in a flurry of diapers and sleeplessness and all.” 

i never would have thought of that, but i’m so glad he did.  we are doing all we can to savor these last days of “us” even though there’s really no such thing…we are both so constantly aware of her presence and we know already we are no longer two, but three (plus three angel babies, two cats and a bunny).