well, there’s been a lot of practice labor around here lately.  each night for a few hours i experience intermittent contractions.  the other night they were happening 10 mins apart for nearly an hour and i was almost sure it was the real thing.   i was getting so excited and doing my breathing and relaxation techniques and feeling confident and happy.

but then it wasn’t really happening.

and that was okay, too, because although i was a little sad, i was also a little relieved and happy to have the practice.  i’m learning the feeling of the contractions and taking every opportunity to put into action everything i’ve been working on for the last few months.  i’m going to be the next hypnobirthing star! 

i hope.

but maybe not.

i never know how it will go when things really start rocking and rolling.  all i can say is, i’m getting very, very excited to experience the most intimate and empowering experience ever…….and it’s going to happen very soon!! 

or at least i hope it’s soon.  because i’m going out of my mind with excitement.

and i’m a little bored and lonely, too, being at home without much ability to lift, bend, scrub, work, etc.  driving in the car is more and more uncomfortable.  i go for walks every day, but it’s more and more difficult to go any real distance.  i’m working hard at keeping myself occupied, but sometimes i’m just plain bored and longing to have my body back.

right now i feel like i really want to get this show on the road!  and i want to meet this little girl, to see her little toes that have been poking me all these months…and to find out if she got my huz’s bendy thumbs (which i really hope she did…i don’t like my thumbs). 

but i know babies come when they are ready and when the timing is right.  so, i will do my best to wait patiently while she soaks up these last few days in the safety of my womb…relishing in nourishing her with  my body while longing to hold her in my arms.  after all this time, i know i can wait a few more days, even a couple of weeks if i have to.