first, happy 30th birthday, MEG.!!!


obviously, we all know the likelihood that a baby will be born on her due date is very slim…in fact, only 5%-ish of babes actually are.

this means, i am now moving into the majority!  i thought all along that she’d be born yesterday, the 30th.  so that’s what i considered my due date (based on ovulation and her measurements at our first u/s at 6wks2d)…my midwives have always gone by the 31st b/c that’s her due date based on the first day of my lmp.  however, at my 12wk u/s the tech tried to tell me my due date was moved up to the 20th of march or something like that!  imagine how disappointed i’d be by now if my midwives and i had gone with that date!? 

of course, we knew it was impossible for me to be due that many days earlier, as it’s no mystery—none at all—as to when i ovulated and such.  i’m really really really thankful we didn’t change my date back then b/c although i was excited to think we’d meet her sooner, by now they’d be talking a hospital transfer and induction…two things i’m hoping to avoid if at all possible. 

i’m using this time to practice patience and trusting in my body and this baby to know what to do about birthing and when.  i keep letting her know that whenever she wants to come out she’s welcome and will be received with joy and love, but if it’s not time, it’s not time and that’s okay.  we have several more days before it becomes urgent in any way, as long as she remains healthy and isn’t distressed.

but i will say, even with all of this practicing and all of my good intentions toward patience and everything else, i’m sad to see these days come and go without her arrival.  i’m increasingly feeling like staying in and hunkering down…driving sounds miserable to me…so i don’t want to go anywhere or do anything that involves getting in the car…unless we’re heading to the birth center, that is!  and each time i feel a contraction i get excited…then sad when they peeter out.  so, it’s hard sometimes to not want to pressure the baby or doubt that my body knows what it’s doing…after all, staying pregnant was difficult, what if my body doesn’t know how to birth?!?

but it does.  and things will get moving when the time is right.  i’m just hoping it’s soon b/c i can’t wait to check this little one out!