i took a huge risk and invited my in-laws to come for a visit over father’s day weekend.  it would be their first time visiting us together (ever) and their first time meeting their newest grandbaby. 

as if that wasn’t risky enough, i invited them without my huz’s knowledge, as a surprise for him on his first father’s day weekend.  he had told me several weeks ago that he would be blown away if they just showed up at the doorstep to surprise us…even though he also acknowledged that it would be hard to have them here as well.  something felt good to him about the idea of them wanting to be a part of this experience…a part of him becoming a father for the first (and maybe only) time.

well, my father-in-law spent the weekend on the couch watching tv…i came very close to asking him if he doesn’t have a tv at home since he’s so enamored with ours, but i decided that would be a bad idea.

and it’s been okay with my mother-in-law…but i will say they haven’t taken one picture of our baby or of us with her.  they’ve each held her once.  they’ve asked us NO questions about her or us or what it’s been like to become parents.  they are simply not interested.

my mil did, however, exclaim that she needed to get the camera out when she saw the dessert i made the other night.  i guess some things are worth a picture.

i’ve shed more than a few tears this weekend over the realization–yet again–that my mom is really truly dead.  she’s never going to meet my little girl…how many times will i say this before it finally sinks in?  my mom was so ultra-opposite of my in-laws…to the point where all her questions would probably have become annoying to me.  all i know is that she would have wanted to hear all about everything in the first place and then would listen to it all over again, as long as we wanted to talk about the baby or our experiences, she would have listened.

and right now i’m really missing her million questions.

i can’t imagine what on earth possesses my in-laws to be so uninterested and un-loving.  if a baby can’t excite a person, nothing can, i guess.  except the tv, that is.

the good news: my huz is still glad they came…bad parts and all.  so, i would say that makes the weekend a success!